We represent over 125 Private Money Lenders who are determined to help you achieve your goals. Capital Syndicate was formed to help you reach the next level of success without complicating the entire process of borrowing money for  your Real Estate projects.

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From a small buy and flip property, a multi-unit apartment building or a large shopping center. We’re Here!

Our credo is helping you succeed. Whether you need 50 000.00 or 5 Million we’re here to help you obtain financing and realize your dreams.

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SIMPLE AND worry-free Private Money Solutions for Your LOANS

Unique Approach

We believe in the unique personalities, cultures and markets of our clients that will grown both your business and ours. We work with the top 125 private lenders across the United States.

Our quality of work as a broker is unique.


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At Capital Syndicate, we believe in you first!

No project is too large or small! 

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Unique Solution

Our services are divided into basic areas of personality, finance and your future growth. We treat all our clients equally.

We don’t think a one-sized-fits-all solution work for motivated Investors. We’ll help you develop a customized plan that works for you.